California Car Insurance: The Basics


Compulsory Coverage – Liability Insurance

The point of liability insurance is to enable you to cover any costs related to injuries or property damaged caused by a car accident for which you were considered at fault. Although most states will require some sort of liability insurance the minimum coverage and the breakdown will be different according to the state laws. In California when you purchase liability insurance, you must ensure that the coverage you take out meets these state minimums.

  • $15,000 for the injury/death of one person
  • $30,000 for the injury/death of more than one person
  • $5,000 for property damage

Optional Coverage

Many drivers will find that their California car insurance is not enough to offer them the liability protection that they need. This is because liability insurance will only cover any costs the driver has to pay out to another person when they have caused damage or injury. It will never cover the costs of repairs to their own vehicle, or their own medical bills after a crash. However, there are other optional coverages that drivers can choose to take out.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage is essentially exactly what it says on the tin. It will cover every eventuality except from accidents and collisions. Therefore if your car is vandalised or stolen you will be able to make an insurance claim under comprehensive coverage.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will enable you to cover the cost of car repairs and medical bills following a car accident even if you were at fault. This combined with liability insurance will ensure that you are never out of pocket following a car accident.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Unfortunately not all California drivers are responsible, and in fact as many as 14% of drivers have no California car insurance. This presents a huge risk to other responsible drivers on the road. If you are involved in a collision with an uninsured motorist and you were not at fault, then this coverage can enable you to cover any costs that have arisen as a result.

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