What You Need for your South Carolina Home Insurance

When you purchase South Carolina home insurance for your new dwelling you have to get a basic understanding of what and why you are getting this insurance. Home insurance is to protect your investment as well as any structures that are attached to it. You may have to get additional insurance from a company to cover anything that is not part of your home such as a tool shed, a fence or a freestanding garage. These items are not covered on your regular policy.

When you first meet with your insurance agent you will have to be able to let him or her know how old the house is what it is made of. The insurance company is more interested in how much it will cost to rebuild or replace your home. You will have to let them know how much you paid for the home as well.

There are things you can do to cut down on your liability. Having a security system installed can easily help you take up to 20% off your South Carolina home insurance premium. Deadbolt locks on all doors that open out is also a good idea.

When you speak with a homeowners insurance agent make sure that you find out what exactly is covered by your South Carolina home insurance policy. You may be surprised when you find out what is covered and what is not. This is the time to add additional insurance if you can. Most standard South Carolina home insurance policies do not cover damages that are the result of a flood or an earthquake. The amount of insurance you will have to pay for this extra insurance depends on what the chances are for you to have to endure a flood or an earthquake.

The flood may not have to be from an actual flood but could be damages that have come from a major snow storm that has begun to melt. You never know how any of the major weather conditions can destroy your home.

Many homes are damaged as a result of a fire which is why it is important to know how close a fire hydrant is or how close the nearest fire station is. If you have a fire alarm installed in your home and smoke alarms in your rooms you may be eligible for a discount. Make sure you find out from the agent where you can save some money.

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